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If you’re traveling and planning to use your CNB Visa® debit card, please contact a CNB representative. Purchasing habits are monitored and transactions that are out of the ordinary may be declined to ensure fraudulent activity is not taking place. If we receive prior notice we can help you avoid the embarrassment of having your transaction declined. It’s our goal at Community National Bank to protect our customers’ interests.


We are receiving reports of phishing emails being sent from what appears to be a NetTeller email address customer _service with the subject line of NetTeller Watch Notice. These are "Phishing emails" trying to get customers to click on the embedded NetTeller access link. These emails are not coming from NetTeller. If you receive this email please permanently delete the message.

Telephone Scam
If you receive an automated telephone call stating that your CNB debit, credit or ATM card has been compromised, please hang up. This is a Phishing scam. The call is not being initiated by Community National Bank. If you have any questions regarding the safety and security of your card, please contact any CNB office.

Address Changes

Forwarding sensitive mail such as financial statements puts consumers at high risk of becoming victims of identity theft. As a security precaution, CNB can not forward mail through the U.S. Postal Service. If your address changes or you have a seasonal address, please notify us of the change so we can get your financial information to you in a timely manner.

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For more information, please contact any CNB office.