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Learn About CNB's Debit Cards and Available Services

CNB's debit card is issued by VISA and accepted everywhere VISA is, but it's not a credit card. When you use your CNB debit card for retail purchases, the funds are deducted from your CNB checking account. Your debit card can also be used to withdraw money from thousands of ATMs around the world.

Debit or Credit? Choose Credit and Use PIN

If your debit card is declined, try running it as a "debit" transaction, which will require your PIN. Requiring PINs is a practice being used to reduce fraudulent activity.

Please Note: Debit cards may be linked to a CNB savings account. When a debit card is only linked to a savings account, the card may only be used at ATMs and cannot be used for retail purchases.

Debit EMV® Chip Cards

EMV® Chip Card Technology

Chip cards function much like current debit cards but provide an extra layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. These cards have an embedded EMV® security chip on the front of the card that works with your PIN security to create a unique one-time code each time the card is processed at a chip-enabled terminal. Your purchase can only be approved with the generated code. Chip cards do not provide added security for purchases made online. 

How to use your Chip Card

If using a chip-enabled terminal, insert your card in the chip reader slot and remove the card after the transaction is complete. If using a terminal without a chip reader, use the magnetic stripe as usual. Customers are still protected against fraud and are not responsible for any losses. 

How to Activate Your Chip Card

Chip cards will need to be activated within 30 days of receipt. Choose one of the following methods to activate your card:     

  • Do a balance inquiry at any ATM
  • Telephone banking users select 1, enter account number and PIN and choose option 4 (800-340-3460)
  • Mobile banking users select Manage Cards from the menu
  • Internet banking users select Options and Debit Cards

Remember to keep your card number and all personal information secure at all times.

smsGuardianTM Text Alert Service for Debit Cards

Sign up for the smsGuardianTM notification service today by going to the Card Guardian website!
The smsGuardianTM notification service generates a text message alert that is sent to your mobile phone or other sms-enabled device each time specific card activity is detected. If the activity is fraudulent, you will need to call a Community National Bank office or 1-888-297-3416 to have your card immediately closed to prevent any other fraudulent transactions from occurring. If you authorized the transaction in question, do nothing and continue to use your card.

Alerts will be sent for the following reasons:

  • The transaction amount was greater than $500.00
  • The transaction was processed outside of the U.S.
  • There were 8 or more transactions within a 24-hour period
  • The card was not present during the transaction
  • The transaction was declined

Please Note: This service will never ask for your entire card number or PIN. Standard message and data rates may apply and additional international rates may apply if you're outside of the United States. This service is not available for use with an international mobile phone or other sms-enabled device.

If you would like to review the smsGuardianTM notification service Terms of Service or Service Usage Guide or to change your settings, please log in to the Card Guardian site.

To contact the smsGuardianTM notification service please call 888-868-8611 or email

Mobile Wallets

Tap and pay with your mobile device!

Easily keep track of payment cards by carrying them digitally on your mobile device. Some mobile wallets allow loyalty and gift cards to be added, too. Use your digital cards at mobile wallet-enabled terminals, online or for in-app purchases with participating merchants. Learn more about Mobile Wallets

If your CNB Debit Card is Lost or Stolen

Suspend a Card: If you have misplaced your card and would like to temporarily deactivate or suspend your card you may do so through Mobile Banking. Once your card has been found, you may reactivate the card.

Suspending a Card with Mobile Banking

  • Log-in to Mobile banking
  • From the menu options, select "Manage Cards"
  • Select the card that needs to be suspended and choose "Suspend Card"
  • On the next page, click "Suspend"
  • Select "Ok" to complete the process.

To Reactivate a Suspended Card with Mobile Banking

  • Log-in to Mobile banking
  • From the menu option, select "Manage Cards"
  • Select the card that needs to be reactivated and choose "Activate Card"
  • On the next page, click "Activate"
  • Select "Ok" to complete the process.

Close a Card: If your card is lost or has been stolen, you can close your card using the method that is most convenient for you.

Please Note: Once a card is closed through any of the methods outlined below, the card will be permanently closed and you'll need to contact the bank to order a new card for your account.

Closing a Card by Telephone
To report and close a lost or stolen card, please call 888-297-3416 and be ready to provide the following information:

  •     Address
  •     Phone number
  •     Date of birth
  •     Mother’s maiden name
  •     Last four digits of your Social Security Number

Closing a Card with Internet Banking

  •     Log-in to Internet banking
  •     Click the "Options" tab
  •     Select "Debit Card"
  •     Choose the debit card that needs to be closed and "Submit" to close the card.

Closing a Card with Mobile Banking

  •     Log-in to Mobile banking
  •     From the menu options, select "Manage Cards"
  •     Select the card that needs to be closed and choose "Report Lost or Stolen"
  •     On the next page, click "Report"
  •     Select "Ok" to complete the process.