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Fraud Monitoring Service

Fraud or No Fraud – That is the Question

And it’s the only question we will be asking our customers to answer. The Fraud Center monitoring service is a free additional security feature that monitors for fraudulent activity on debit cards. This service uses technology that recognizes customers’ purchasing patterns and can detect a transaction that occurs outside of normal activities.

If there is a questionable transaction, the Fraud Center will ask if the transaction is fraudulent or legitimate. When you receive a text message, phone call or email message in regards to specific bank transactions, it’s okay to answer when we ask you to please confirm yes, it is fraud or no, it is not fraud. That’s the only question we’ll ask. Our representatives will never ask for personal or account information. We will not ask for your PIN or for your entire debit card number.

We Must Receive a Response - Even if the Transaction is Legitimate

If a questionable transaction is detected, the Fraud Center will attempt to contact customers by email, text and phone with information about how to respond.
  1. Email - Respond by clicking on the hyperlink “Fraud” or “No Fraud”.
  2. Text – A text message from CNB VT will be sent immediately after the email. Reply to the text with  “YES” if it was fraudulent or “NO” if it was a legitimate transaction.
  3. Phone – An automated phone call will be sent to the phone numbers the Bank has on file. Please respond “Fraud” or “No Fraud”.
If the customer indicates the transaction was fraudulent or does not reply to the email, text or phone messages, a hold will be placed on the debit card making it unusable for future transactions.

The card will be temporarily blocked if the Fraud Center does not receive a response. Customers must call the bank to reactivate their card. If the fraud center confirms the transaction was fraudulent, the card will be closed to prevent additional fraudulent activity. A new card will be reissued and sent in the mail.

Please Provide Us with Your Current Contact Information

It is extremely important that we have your current home, cell and work phone numbers on file to ensure we can contact you if we suspect fraudulent activity on your card. Please call or stop by your local CNB office to verify or update your contact information.