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There have been a large number of Yahoo accounts hacked recently. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your email and personal information.
  1. Reset your email password. Open a new web browser and go to Yahoo. Reset your password to something complex that cannot be easily guessed. Please do not use a link to get to your email. Many hackers will send phishing emails claiming you need to change your password.  
  2. Reset your other account passwords. Do not use the same password for multiple online accounts. Using the same password makes it easy for accounts to be hacked by Internet criminals. If you did use the same password, be sure to change those account passwords as well.
  3. Edit your security questions. Set the answers to your security questions to something that is not obvious.
  4. Be aware of any phishing emails. If you receive an email that is asking for personal information, please do not click on the email or respond. Delete the email.
Please be sure to keep your personal information secure. Make sure passwords and security questions are difficult to guess.
Tips to Create a Strong Password