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Theft: Stealing wallets, purses, mail, or using other sources to gather personal information

Dumpster Diving: Sifting through garbage to find invoices, financial records or other documents containing personal information.

Fraudulent change of address: completing a “change of address” form to divert your mail to their new location.

Pharming: Creating fraudulent Web sites that look legitimate in order to collect personal information from consumers

Phishing: Gathering personal information from forms that are linked from e-mails or pop-ups. Reputable companies will never solicit personal information through unsecured e-mail or through the internet.

Skimming: Special electronic devices are inserted in ATM and credit and debit card processing machines to obtain credit and debit card numbers.

Vishing: This is “voice phishing” where customers are contacted by e-mail or automated phone calls telling them that their checking accounts have been compromised. Customers are urged to call a local or toll-free number that asks you to input account information and/or your Social Security Number.