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As the use of mobile banking gains popularity, it is important to safe guard mobile devices just as much as computers. Few people consider or know how to put safety precautions in place to protect their personal financial information while using their mobile devices.

There are three ways to access mobile and online banking; using a mobile app, mobile web browser or through the use of SMS/text message. All of these features allow you to access and conduct financial transactions through a mobile device, including but not limited to a mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile banking can be just as safe as any other form of online banking as long as you consider the following safety measures to ensure your mobile devices are protected.

Install some form of anti-malware or anti-virus software on your mobile device
  • Use an auto-lock password, pin or other passcode
  • Avoid saving login information
  • Stay away from using public internet networks that are not familiar
  • Monitor and review your mobile device bills for any suspicious activity
  • Avoid clicking on links or apps that may lead to malicious websites or downloads
  • Verify the apps you are downloading are from reliable sources
  • Review the application privacy policies to make sure your personal information will not be shared as a result of the app download
  • Use the anti-theft options on your anti-malware or anti-virus software apps to include the remote locator and/or the remote information wiping or locking systems in the event that your device is lost or stolen to prevent others from retrieving your information

CNB is here to help protect you and your personal information. Contact your local CNB office for more information on how to keep your financial transactions secure.