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Please do not be deceived into giving out your debit card information. We have learned that fraudsters are initiating automated calls to people in Vermont pretending to be from a banking institution and reporting to the consumer that their debit card has been frozen. The call continues to instruct consumers to press a digit and then enter their debit card number, expiration date and PIN to reactivate the card. If fraudsters collect this information, they can create fake debit cards and access consumers' accounts. 

Please remember, banks will not contact you to ask you for your debit card information, ever. They already have access to it. Most legitimate security features tied to debit cards, only ask customers to confirm or deny transactions. If you have a problem with your debit card, please contact your bank directly to fix the issue. 

These scams take place through all methods of communication such as calls, text messages and email. Stay alert when using all forms of communicating.

If you fear that you have given out sensitive financial information, contact your financial institution immediately for assistance.