Secure Computer and Mobile Devices

We use computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices to log in to accounts. This makes it important to protect personal information when using these devices.

  • Install a form of anti-malware or anti-virus software on your mobile device
  • Use the anti-theft options on your device to remotely wipe or lock devices in the event that your device is lost or stolen to prevent others from retrieving your information.


  • Use an auto-lock password or PIN so others cannot use your device
  • Log out of accounts when not in use
  • Avoid saving log in information on your computer.
  • Verify the apps you are downloading are from reliable sources
  • Avoid clicking on links or apps that may lead to malicious websites or downloads
  • Review the application privacy policies to make sure your personal information will not be shared as a result of the app download.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks that are not familiar
  • Be cautious of people looking over your shoulder as they might be trying to gather account information.