Personal Information is Personal

Never give out personal information unless you have initiated the correspondence with a reputable company using a contact method that you know is correct and reliable. Thieves pose to be from well-known companies and contact consumers trying to trick them into providing personal information.

The following information should be cautiously shared:

  • Social Security numbers (SSNs)
  • Dates of Birth
  • Passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
  • Account Numbers
  • Debit or Credit Card Numbers

If you question whether or not a correspondence is legitimate, call the company by using a phone number from their official website or from paperwork you’ve received such as a statement or invoice.

Don’t be tricked into giving out card information either. Fraudsters sometimes instruct consumers to enter their card number, expiration date and PIN to “reactivate” or “close” a card.  However, there is nothing wrong with the card and the fraudsters are just collecting the card information to create fake cards and access consumers' accounts.

Please remember, banks will not contact you to ask for debit or credit card information.  Community National Bank will never ask for personal information over the phone, by email or through text message. We may ask you to confirm whether you completed a transaction but will not ask for specific details or personal information.