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EMV® Chip Card Technology

Chip cards function much like current debit cards but provide an extra layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. These cards have an embedded EMV® security chip on the front of the card that works with your PIN security to create a unique one-time code each time the card is processed at a chip-enabled terminal. Your purchase can only be approved with the generated code. Chip cards do not provide added security for purchases made online. 

How to use your Chip Card

If using a chip-enabled terminal, insert your card in the chip reader slot and remove the card after the transaction is complete. If using a terminal without a chip reader, use the magnetic stripe as usual. Customers are still protected against fraud and are not responsible for any losses. 

How to Activate Your Chip Card

Chip cards will need to be activated within 30 days of receipt. Choose one of the following methods to activate your card:     

  • Do a balance inquiry at any ATM
  • Telephone banking users select 1, enter account number and PIN and choose option 4 (800-340-3460)
  • Mobile banking users select Manage Cards from the menu
  • Internet banking users select Options and ATM/Debit Cards

Remember to keep your card number and all personal information secure at all times.