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Social and Financial Benefits with Community CircleCommunity National Bank's Community Circle Logo

Our program provides members the opportunities to travel, build social networks and remain active as well as to receive valuable, financial services.

There is no membership fee to join CNB's Community Circle, but you must be 55 years or over and maintain a minimum balance of at least $1,500 in a Community Savings account, Community Checking account, Community Circle Checking account, Community Money Market account or $10,000 in a Certificate of Deposit or an IRA portfolio.

Member benefits available include the following:
  1. Community Circle Checking
  2. "Healthline CD"-a feature that allows penalty-free withdrawals when used for unexpected health care costs
  3. Club newsletters
  4. Local activities
  5. Purchase Cashier's Checks and Money Orders with no additional fee
  6. Group tours & special excursions such as cruises and winter get-a-ways
  7. Seminars on financial topics
  8. Day & overnight trips to regional attractions, sporting events, plays, tour countrysides and more...
To become a member of Community Circle, complete an application available at any CNB office or online, and a Customer Service Representative will contact you to review the eligibility requirements and answer any questions you may have.

All members interested in taking advantage of traveling opportunities must read and agree to the traveling terms and conditions explained in the following three documents:
  1. Community Circle Travel Policy
  2. Community Circle Emergency Contact Form
  3. Community Circle Acknowledgment Form
To find out why our exclusive Community Circle Club is so popular contact Linda Cloutier or Julie Mossa in Derby at 802-334-7915, or inquire at your local CNB office.