About Community Bancorp.

Community Bancorp. was organized in Vermont in 1982 and became a registered bank holding company in October of 1983 when it acquired all of the voting shares of Community National Bank.

Community National Bank is the sole subsidiary of the corporation. Principally all of the corporation’s business is conducted through Community National Bank.

The information provided on this website is primarily based on Community National Bank’s operations.

Notice of Availability

In accordance with Federal regulation, this bank will provide an Annual Disclosure Statement to our customers, shareholders, and the general public, upon request, containing the bank's financial information for the last two years. This information will be updated annually and made available on or before March 31, 2020.

To request a copy of the Annual Disclosure Statement, please contact:

Louise Bonvechio, Sr. Vice President & CFO
Community National Bank
4811 US Route 5
Newport, Vermont 05855

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Community Bancorp. is a Securities and Exchange Commission reporting company.

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