Credit Cards

Finally, a credit card designed to complement the way you live. Get in the driver's seat with our Mastercard and start living your dreams while reaping the rich rewards and exclusive benefits.

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Access card information and track activity by visiting The Card Services Center.

The Card Service Center

Customer Inquiries

Call 1-800-854-7642 or email with the following inquiries:

  • Account closure
  • Adding or removing reward options
  • Changing address or telephone numbers
  • Death Certificates and to close account
  • Changing SSN or Tax ID number per written documentation
  • Adding or removing authorized users
  • Checking status of card(s)

Remember email is not secure. Do not include sensitive information like social security numbers and account information.

The Card Services Center may contact you about potential fraudulent activity. The only information you should give out is whether or not the transaction is valid or fraudulent. The call back number is 1-800-377-7809 to verify transactions.

To report a lost or stolen Mastercard credit card call 1-800-854-7642 to permanently close the card.