Julie Mossa completes Certified Bank Club Director program

Julie Mossa completes Certified Bank Club Director program
Julie Mossa, Certified Bank Club Director

Released by Heritage Clubs International on May 21, 2021

SPIRIT LAKE, IA - Heritage Clubs International, LLC (HCI) is pleased to announce that Julie Mossa of Community National Bank (CNB) in Derby, Vermont, has completed the Certified Bank Club Director (CBCD) professional certification program.

Certified Bank Club Director graduates were recognized at the annual Peer Group conference which was held virtually February 22-26, 2021.  HCI is an Association of Bank Clubs and the foremost bank marketing organization in North America. This certification program is the first of its kind for Bank Club Directors in North America.  As a graduate of the Certified Bank Club Director program, Julie is now recognized as a knowledgeable professional in bank travel.  Now in its ninth year, the CBCD program has officially graduated 31 club directors nationwide.

Julie has been with Community National Bank for nine years and currently serves as a part-time assistant to the bank’s travel club, Community Circle.  She works along with Shelly Morey, CNB’s new Community Circle Director, who is also working on her certification.  Together, they plan and coordinate travel opportunities for their bank’s club members.  Along with planning trips, they have started an “Active Lifestyle Program” which includes walking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, golfing and exploring.  This program has been very popular especially during Covid.  In her spare time, Julie works with her daughter, Erica, at the Brown Cow Restaurant, and enjoys genealogy, French-Canadian history, painting and gardening.  After living in New Mexico, Julie and her husband, Ben, now reside in Derby, Vermont, managing their businesses and appreciating being back home with family and friends.