Community National Bank and Community Bank, N.A. We are not one and the same

Community National Bank and Community Bank, N.A. We are not one and the same

Authored by Kathryn M. Austin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Bancorp. and Community National Bank

Over the past few weeks, we've received many phone calls and office visits from people mistaking Community National Bank for Community Bank, N.A., bringing to light the considerable confusion created from the purchase of Merchants Bank by Community Bank, N.A. of Syracuse, New York. Despite our similar names, Community National Bank is not, in any way, related to Community Bank, N.A.

About Community National Bank­ -
Community National Bank originated in Derby Line, Vermont, in 1851, and we have been providing financial services to our Vermont communities ever since. We are a full-service bank headquartered in Derby with other offices located in Barre, Barton, Derby Line, Enosburg, Island Pond, Lyndonville, Montpelier, Morrisville, Newport, St. Johnsbury and Troy. We also just opened a Commercial Loan Production Office in Burlington. Community National Bank's logo depicts a community, one of the many that we serve. We prominently display our logo on signs, in advertising and as sponsors of events.

Who We Are -
Our mission statement is displayed in all of our offices. It reads "Collectively channeling our passions for People and Community into delivery of Financial Services." We're very proud of our employees and the good work they do in and out of our offices. We are actively involved in our communities by serving on civic boards, coaching sports and rolling up our sleeves at local celebrations. Our corporate color is blue; we like to think of it as "true blue" because we are dedicated to staying true to our mission, and we do what we say we will. We have to-it's one of our core values.

We hope this information helps to clear up some of the misconceptions. To learn more about Community National Bank please call or stop by any office, or visit our website,